0.5 liter aerosol, Lith-Ex range – Lithium battery fires

A Eurofeu product / Official distributor

The Lith-Ex range, equipped with the extinguishing agent AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion), is specifically designed for Lithium-ion battery fires. Its reinforced extinguishing properties, offering significantly superior performance in controlling and extinguishing these fires, make it the benchmark product on the market for combating this type of risk.


• The water content cools the fire source,
• Vermiculite pads form a barrier
against oxygen,
• The Vermiculite film formed is not
electricity conductor,
• The product can be applied as a firestop for
prevent the spread of fire,
• The product is environmentally friendly.

• Vermiculite is a natural mineral exempt from
the REACH regulations,
• It is chemically and physically inert, does not
emitting only vapor when exposed to
high temperatures,
• Non-toxic to people, property and
the environment.