Exper+ fire extinguishers

A Eurofeu product / Official distributor

Permanent Pressure
Water with additive in external module

True innovation where the additive is contained in an external module. This patented technology allows mixing only at the time of use and simplifies the maintenance and recycling of the additive. For use on class A (wood, paper, etc.) and B (gasoline, fuel oil, etc.) and F (vegetable or animal oils and fats) fires. Designed in compliance with regulatory requirements and in an eco-design approach, it meets the needs of industrial or tertiary activities.

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Valve equipped with a safety valve, Immersion tube equipped with a filter, Safety distance of use between 3 to 2 m, Certified transport with its optional support.

Internal plastic coating to protect against oxidation, Maintenance of the technical characteristics of the additive by its packaging in an unmixed external bottle, Foaming effect accentuated by EXPER+ technology.

Manometer allowing to check at any time if the device is operational, Wall fixing by welded bridge on the tank for a
better stability, Dismantling to check the pressure gauge secured by the valve piston, Location for the lance (integrated into the base) ensuring better protection of the diffuser and the hose.

Fast and secure maintenance, Additive in module guaranteed for 5 years, dated and easily verifiable.

Recoverable module for recycling of the additive alone, Additive meeting the new REACH regulations (regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances), in accordance with directive 2006/122/EEC relating to the maximum content of PFOS (fluorinated agents).