The OCOV mask

OCOV®, the washable and reusable FMP1 mask 100 times.

Several kits are available. An OCOV® kit is delivered with a mask to be fitted and of your choice:
• Reusable “R” category 1/P1 filters that can be disinfected 20 times, available in packs of 5 filters allowing 100 uses.
• Non-reusable “NR” category 1/P1 filters available in packs of 100 filters.
• “NR” P2 non-reusable filters available in packs of 100 filters.

The OCOV® mask is CE certified as a medical device (DM) with the ANSM.

Delivery within 72 hours.

For all orders of more than 100 units, contact us.

Distributor approved by OUVRY:

Anxious to limit the impact of our activities on the environment as much as possible, we take back and value protective masks against COVID-19 .


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Entirely developed and produced in France, the flexible face piece conforms to the shape of the face and therefore minimizes the leakage rate compared to FFP1 or FFP2 filters or other washable masks. It has been specially designed to meet the protection needs related to COVID-19 of healthcare workers and all other exposed professionals.

OCOV® thus allows:

  • A much higher level of protection than FFP1, FFP2 or washable masks (DGE standard) thanks to a very low leak rate. It provides a good seal between the ambient atmosphere and the wearer's face (whether their skin is dry or wet and when they move their head).
  • Excellent long-term wearing comfort

With a single bag of 5 filters that can be disinfected 20 times, the OCOV® mask allows 100 uses. It therefore replaces 100 disposable masks of the FFPx type.

It is much more economical than FFPx masks but it is also more durable because it is possible to only change the filters afterwards (1 OCOV mask = 200 disposable masks)

The OCOV® mask can also be used with non-reusable (disposable) OCOV® filters

The + of the product

Why do we offer the OCOV mask?

Cost reduction

High protection against COVID


French design and manufacture

Optimal solution for building up strategic stocks

CE certified as a medical device (MD) with ANSM