Plans for sheltering economic activities [PMA-AE]

Technological risk prevention plans (PPRT)

Technological risk prevention plans (PPRT) are plans that organize the cohabitation of industrial sites most at risk and neighboring areas. They are established on the basis of hazard studies carried out by the operators and instructed by the services of the DREAL (Regional Department for the Environment, Planning and Housing). Their purpose, by implementing preventive measures in inhabited areas and industrial sites, is to protect human lives in the event of an accident. The actors concerned, industrialists and employees, public and local residents, elected officials and State services develop measures within the framework of consultation.


The obligation to take sheltering measures

In particular, the PPRT regulations require companies to set up a shelter plan – economic activities (PMA-AE) and specify their content.

These plans must make it possible to improve the identification and knowledge of dangerous phenomena, the training of people, to define the missions of each one, the means to be implemented including the alert, regular participation in joint exercises with the establishments Seveso, to allow the appointment in each company of a person responsible for updating the PMA-AE…


The Synerzip-LH association

In Le Havre , the Synerzip-LH association is responsible for ensuring the governance of safety in the area and supporting companies in implementing appropriate measures. To do this, the Le Havre association offers companies a day dedicated to the development of a sheltering plan (PMA-AE).

These training sessions take place in the premises of the LauguiConcept security space , in the heart of the industrial port area of Le Havre. This space was created with the aim of becoming a space for discussion on the themes of occupational safety. Many training courses are provided on these topics. It is therefore quite natural that manufacturers, local authorities and partners can meet there to discuss these subjects.

The Synerzip-LH association also offers “crisis management” training sessions enabling business leaders to acquire useful knowledge for managing a major event.


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