Air monitor at risk of transmission

Economical monitor for schools, restaurants and other small to medium sized establishments. It alarms when conditions exist that may increase the risk of exposure to airborne viral transmission.

Price : on request

Shipping costs :

Up to 3 units: 10 €.
From 3 to 10 units 15 €.
More than 10 units: free shipping


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Honeywell's Transmission Risk Air Monitor helps you monitor indoor environments in real time to identify any potential increase in exposure to a risk of viral transmission through the air you breathe.


Monitor student exposure in classrooms to indicate the level of risk for viral transmission.


New government measures

Following the last announcements on the health protocol in companies, new modalities have been announced.

Among the various essential measures for the protection of employees, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Integration recommends and strongly recommends "the measurement of carbon dioxide in the air" in closed spaces in order to prevent situations at risk of aerosolization of SARS-CoV-2. This new measure also states that control of CO2 in the air must be performed at significant traffic locations and at times of actual heavy traffic.