The LauguiConcept security area

The LauguiConcept security space is the Training Center offered by LauguiConcept.

It has been based since October 2018 on the Lafarge site in the industrial port area of Le Havre on the fringes of the latter’s activities.


Security space?

We have named our training center “Security Space” because we want it to be more than just a training center . We wanted to create not only a place for training and realistic and modular manoeuvres, but also a place for exchanges and sharing, a place where the various actors in occupational safety can meet.

Thus, the safety area hosts many training courses on the themes of safety at work. It also hosts thematic mornings, meetings and demonstrations of equipment. The premises and the various training modules are also available to trainers from outside the company. Other training centers thus have modules, premises and equipment adapted to their various exercises. In addition, our multi-activity module is CATEC authorized.

A foam concentrate emergency service has also been made available in space. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 10,000 liters of foam concentrate (AFFF AR 3%) are available at the LauguiConcept security area, in the heart of the industrial port area of Le Havre.



In addition, the LauguiConcept security space welcomes the PI2E company to its premises. The purpose of this is to bring together the conditions for appropriate behavior of the various publics faced with the potential consequences of a major accident. The creation of SAS PI2E materializes the shared vision of LauguiConcept and SYNERZIP-LH . These 2 actors are strongly involved in the overall security approach and aim to meet your needs, as closely as possible to your realities.

Training rooms

Our training center has meeting and training rooms of different sizes and adapted to different themes. They are located near the training platform. Fire and first aid equipment (…) is also available to trainers.

Training materials

Find on the safety space, all the equipment necessary for fire training (Isolating breathing apparatus, air cylinder, inflators, extinguishers, lances, chemical risk outfits, etc.). An operational fire vehicle is also available.

Training modules

Whether for work at height, live fire exercises, confined space walkthrough exercises, rescue, work on a fire tank (hydrocarbons, etc.), chemical risks or emergency actions, the he LauguiConcept safety area brings together all the modules on the same training platform so that the training takes place as close as possible to real conditions.

In addition, our multi-activity module is CATEC authorized.

Discover below the main risks covered by our security area:

Fire, real fire

Observation, analysis and attack of fire on our real fire boxes.

We also have a mobile unit allowing us to move to any site.

Fire in confined space

We have boxes allowing simple or complex paths to allow your teams to train and acquire the right reflexes.

Work at Height

Training module to acquire all the skills for working at height in complete safety.

Rescue exercises

Thanks to the richness and multiplicity of our training modules, we can develop many search and rescue scenarios, as close as possible to your environment and your constraints.

Chemical risks

Work on leaks with specific modules, accessories and outfits available.

Emergency actions

First aid gestures, emergency gestures, training of first aid workers…

Hydrocarbon fires

Our fire pit allows you to observe, understand and practice attacking a hydrocarbon fire in complete safety.

Alternative energies

We provide our specialists and all of our know-how to understand and anticipate the risks associated with new energies (CNG, Hydrogen, etc.)

Marine fires

We are able to offer specific training in fire and emergency actions in the ship and boat environment.

Crisis management

Anticipation is necessary to avoid the disastrous consequences of an accident. We provide you with our premises and our specialists to organize your action plans.

The LauguiConcept security area in a few images

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