The single risk assessment document

LauguiConcept provides you with prevention specialists and IPRP recognized by the DIRECCTE (or DREEPS) to assist you in the production, updating or animation of your single risk assessment document (DU or DUER).


A new law voted on July 23, 2021 once again specifies the interests and the obligation of the single document in companies.

– You are not in good standing with all these regulations?
– You already have a single document but it does not allow you to lead risk prevention in your company and you would really like to exploit all of its advantages?
– Occupational medicine offers you to make your own unique document via their platform but you encounter difficulties?

LauguiConcept offers you à la carte and personalized support according to your company, its activity, its location and its composition .

First, we will identify with you your needs and the existing prevention in order to better understand your request. Then, depending on the number of work units, the complexity of your activities and the prevention measures already in place, we will offer you an estimate which can be according to 3 levels:

– a first level which will allow you to obtain a single basic risk assessment document with your means of prevention. In this case, you have the necessary resources internally to continue its development and the implementation of actions.

– a second level, more complete and responding to the regulations in force with the implementation of an action plan according to your choices.

– a third level which will offer you to follow for you the organization and the implementation of the actions according to your wishes. This third level is intended for companies wishing to manage their risk prevention but which do not have internal resources or who wish to increase the skills of their employees.

LauguiConcept’s service is based on a real field study, interviews and the proposal of real improvement tools.

Our prevention officers come to your home because a single document is specific to your company. Even if your activity is identical to that of your most direct competitor: your working method is different, your establishment is not the same and your installations are different. Your risks therefore do not have the same rating as theirs.

You are looking for a turnkey solution, respecting the regulations and implementing a real risk prevention policy in your company: contact us .

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