Occupational risks are of extremely different natures, depending of course on the activity of the company but also on the position occupied. A worker who is injured on a construction site, a laboratory technician who inhales toxic substances… As part of their professional activity, employees incur certain risks to their health or physical integrity: these are occupational risks.

Electrical risks, working at height and in a confined environment are some of the training courses we provide.

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Work at Height

Goals :

  • Know the safety rules for working at height (basic principles)
  • Use a harness safely. Choose the device adapted to the workstation. Know how to maintain and check your fall protection equipment.

Training: Not certifying.

Public: All company personnel required to use a harness for access or work at height. Manager and supervisor who wish to acquire a basic level to enforce safety rules.

Prerequisites: Be of legal age

Accessibility for people with all disabilities: Ask the center for information.

Positioning test at the start of training: Yes.

Medical restriction: Yes.

Maximum number of participants: 10.

Training: Intra or inter, face-to-face and synchronous.

Learning process: Deductive and inductive.

Teaching method: Active, interrogative and experimental.

Assessment: Formative.

Duration: 7 hours (adaptable according to needs).

Prices: On request.

Place of training: LauguiConcept security area.

Contact: [email protected] / 02 35 01 43 70.

Registration methods: Find out from your employer or from your personal training account.

Access times: Maximum 15 days.

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