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In our training center or on your premises, we offer training in most areas of occupational safety: fire, emergency and first aid, crisis management and other occupational risks.


“We identify and develop your skills!”

When the regulations allow it, we seek to adapt as much as possible to the specificities and skills available to you internally. We are committed to adapting to the realities of the field and the skills of your teams. It is with this in mind that we co-construct our training with you through our Training branch.


Safety is at the heart of our business. Compliance with barrier measures and gestures is therefore of course one of our priorities in order to ensure the safety of our customers and our trainers.

To thoroughly disinfect all of our premises, we use an ozone machine once a week.

More information on ozone disinfection .



Fire safety and real fire simulator training

All our fire safety training courses can be found here. We also train in real fire!

Emergency and first aid actions

Training of occupational first aiders in initial training and training to maintain and update skills.

Industrial and technological risks

Chemical risks, radiological risk prevention, managing a crisis situation during an industrial accident … find here all our training courses related to industrial and technological risks

Professional risks

Electrical hazards, working at height and working in a confined environment.

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